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Susan Crawford, MSW, PCC

Hi, I’m Susan.

I go by a lot of "labels” including woman, mom, wife, entrepreneur, and leader, as well as an ambivert, sh!t disturber, and Capricorn (to my core). When you dig a bit deeper, you’ll know I’m a trailblazer, multi-passionate creative, and intuitive who has spent a lot of years disrupting generational patterns of being a people-pleaser, high achiever, and perfectionist so that I can design a life I love.

I believe that we are the sum of all of our beautiful, imperfect, and messy parts and I bring each one of them to my work because I know it will give someone else permission to do the same.

In 2017 my coaching journey began while struggling in a soul-sucking job and drowning in an identity crisis fueled by motherhood. I was desperate to find a sense of self and a way out of the pressures I was drowning in on a daily basis. Something had to change - I wasn’t sure what, but I knew this was the tipping point. 


It was a matter of life or soul-death.

Susan Crawford

Stuck at a crossroads between what I wanted and what was expected of me, my transformation began from the inside out. I discovered the process (and power) of deep self-exploration, healing, and unlearning which allowed me to find my truth, my voice, and myself again - and I wanted to help others do the same. 

In 2018, I “escaped Azkaban” (aka my cubicle) and quit my 9-5 job so that I could pursue a career that set my soul on fire…and I haven’t looked back since. 


I love what I do and it’s not hard to see, it’s Meraki.


I’m so glad you’re here, I can’t wait to help you unlock your greatness and remember who you are.
















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Panache Desai quote

“Life meets you at the intersection of possibility and synchronicity.”

- panache desai

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