GET UNSTUCK - 7 Sticky Feelings holding you back from Success, Happiness & Fulfillment

Get clear on what is holding you back from success, happiness, and fulfillment on your terms.

Get Unstuck Ebook

6 SIGNS You're Ready to Reset...

and how to get started!

Design a life of meaning and purpose by answering these reflective journal prompts.

6 signs you are ready to reset ebook


An A-Z Guide for women ready to live life fully

Stop playing small it’s time to show the world who you really are, unapologetically!

U is for unapologetic ebook
Susan Crawford Resources


"She Dared" Episode 79
TUF Woman Table

Watch and listen to Susan speak to Ashley Ingram about what would it take for you to live life on your terms.

Glow Up, Gyrl

Season 1, Episode 14

Susan shares with Kyra her personal journey, and how she helps women become the best version of themselves.

Break Down to Wake Up

Jocelyn Bellows Podcast

Susan discusses her "Find Your Way" program with Jocelyn and how she can help women rediscover who they are.

Leader in Your Own Life & HR Superhero

The Leadership Leap

Listen to Lianne Picot and Susan talk about how leadership is a commitment to creating something better for ourselves.


Emotional Intelligence Change Leader
The Emotional Intelligence Training Company Inc.

Read Susan's Interview with the EITC team about promoting Emotional Intelligence in the world. 

Go Solo Stories

Read Susan's Interview with Go Solo on starting your own entrepreneurial journey. 

The Risk Takers Dream Makers

Passionate Purposeful Women

Read Susan's Interview with RTDM about her personal journey to following her dreams. 

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